Even adults can have fun in Prague

Only those who don`t look around properly can say that Prague is boring. Although it may seem that you have already been everywhere in Prague, there is always something worth visiting more than once. Or even the very first time.

Places that are worth visiting more than once include, for example, the Prague Zoo, the World of Jellyfish or Children`s Amusement Parks. This is one of the best possible choices when it comes to family trips with children. Not only will the kids have fun, but they might even learn something new, and you`ll definitely enjoy it too. Visiting hours and locations can be found on their website.

shooting range

But if you want to take a break from the kids and enjoy an experience you won`t forget, then we have one type for you. And that is shooting range Prague. You can say that the shooting range does not appeal to you, and it can also go there somewhere around your house. But, you must not forget that this is one of the best shooting ranges in the Czech Republic and the best shooting range in Prague. In addition to the fact that you can choose from several packages how you want to enjoy your visit, you can also bring your friends or your significant other with you. So you can share the experience, and that there will be something to experience.

shooting range

The Prague shooting range is equipped with several types of weapons, from which you can choose depending on your experience with weapons. Whether you`re a seasoned shooter or just a complete beginner, you`re going to have a blast either way. And you don`t have to worry if you`ve never held a gun in your hands before. A team of great people will take care of you and you will learn how to handle weapons and hit the target. So gather your courage and go to the shooting range! You will have an experience of a lifetime, and not only you, but also the one who goes with you.